Functions of Hair Guru 

What is a Hair Guru?

The Forever Stush Hair Guru's are trained beauty professionals who are at your service bringing you the hottest trends and techniques in hair styling to complete your Forever Stush lifestyle.

They are active members of the fashion industry and will be your personal vip insider to the World of Hair. They will provide you with tips and tricks to making your hair even more beautiful and ingenious ways of utilizing and styling your Forever Stush - The Hair Diaries Hair Extensions.

Once you complete your hair quiz and profile information, your Personal Forever Stush Hair Guru will have all the information they need to help you Stay Forever Stush!

Main Functions of a Hair Guru

Your Personal Forever Stush Hair Guru will provide you with techniques on installing your Forever Stush The Hair Diaries Hair Extensions, as well as their cleaning and maintenance.

They will give you monthly ideas for styling including cutting, dying and keeping on trend and healthy hair. Your Forever Stush Hair Guru will also send out contests, promotions and giveaways and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Additional Membership Benefits for Premium

As a member you will have access to exclusive contests and giveaways, how to videos and tutorials, a personal stylist who will send you offers, styles and gifts that fit your personality and much more. Gift wrapping is free for all members.

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